The emotion is almost touchable, and the way Owl City picks you up, takes you on a journey of the sky and other surreal and abstract worlds, and then gently sets you down again, is amazing.
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You Had Me At Hello


Sometimes I catch myself wondering if two strangers in two different cities, both fighting insomnia, ever drag out of bed, throw on hoodies, fumble around in the dark for their car keys and tiptoe to the garage. They don’t even bother to tug socks or shoes on, they just leave because the idea of escape is irresistible and driving at night always seems the thing to do whenever your heart is heavy and you need to be alone.

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OC UPDATE COMIN’ MONDAY! Make sure you check back for a big announcement on new Owl City music. I’m so psyched to share it with you - as I said, thanks for the patience, you all mean the world to me. Have a great weekend guys.

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