The emotion is almost touchable, and the way Owl City picks you up, takes you on a journey of the sky and other surreal and abstract worlds, and then gently sets you down again, is amazing.
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Do you ever just hit Jiggly Puff in the face with another piece of raw bacon I SWEAR I’ll get a tapeworm :(

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One thing I’ve been noticing is that sometimes, Owl City’s synth lines can easily mashup with each other.  Here’s one example I’ve just discovered.  The intro to Cave In (off of the album Ocean Eyes) can be matched up pretty well with the beat drop in Wolf Bite (off of the EP Ultraviolet).  I’d figured I’d share this one with the fandom!

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  • Track: Cave In vs. Wolf Bite
  • Artist: Owl City
  • Album: Owl City's Synth Line Match-Up
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